Buyers & Sellers

Prior to becoming a REALTOR® I worked in several areas, each as diverse as the next. I’ve worked in the agriculture food sector, social work, radio announcing, and entertainment promotions and marketing. I have been a volunteer in a variety of local and international organizations. Being a REALTOR® allows me to tap into all of those resources and experiences and helps me excel in this chosen field. Real estate is a combination of all of my experiences. I have been in real estate for three years, and on the President’s Circle list of the top 12% of all Coldwell Banker reps in Canada for the last two years. This is truly a reflection of my varied work and volunteer experiences in the world’s community!

When you, the Buyer or Seller partner with ‘Big’ John Leacock you are partnering with a marketing mind that will see the true value in the key sellable features of your home. Growing up on the Caribbean Island of Tobago, my mom was an English teacher and my dad was a business man (among several other things). As a young boy, outside my father’s store, I sold avocados. We all know that avocados are a very perishable fruit – very much like a real estate listing! Time and timing is of the essence. As I represent the buyer I listen and get what they are looking for and make it as smooth a transition as possible for them. I also acquaint myself with credible trades people such as mortgage brokers, home stagers, and all key individuals who are needed to make the buying or selling of your home as smooth and as comfortable as possible.