About Big John

‘Big’ John Leacock’s career has spanned concert promotions,the Agri-Food sector to social work but most recently he’s established a name in the Real Estate Industry in Guelph & Area, his adopted home. When you meet ‘Big’ John Leacock, it’s obvious why he’s called ‘Big’ John. It’s a handle the 6 foot-five inch ex-varsity basketball player was given when he came to Canada as an international student in 1984.

As a student at the University of Guelph in the 80’s and 90’s, studying agriculture and marketing, he got to know his new home by delivering pizzas around town. Not only was it a part-time job, but ‘Big’ John turned it into a marketing and social geography study and began to compile his wealth of knowledge and key contacts within the community. His perspective as a ‘new comer’ provides his clients with a unique viewpoint and key advice on all Guelph’s new or older neigbourhoods.

While studying marketing, his favourite subjects were behavioural sciences and psychology, both of which come into play when selling real estate. He admits to experimenting in various fields in the 1990s and one of them was social work in group homes. Lessons he learned in human dynamics and communications, relationship building help him to relate to clients.(Listening!)

‘Big’John has made himself at home, volunteering with various community organizations including the world renown Hillside Festival and the Guelph and District Association of Realtors.

As a boy, growing up on the island of Tobago, he established early, an entrepreneurial & community building spirit that was passed along from his parents who each ran their own business. His dad had the island’s very popular bicycle and general supplies shop and his mom ran a typing school. As the island’s registrar, his mom was involved with land transactions, affidavits,deeds and titles. ‘Big’ John found this sideline fascinating and sees this is as a natural link to his current career. As an entrepreneur, he promoted local and international entertainers from the genres of jazz, world beat, calypso, reggae and classical. He worked as an Agriculture research assistant & in the student housing department at the University of Guelph and was also a well known voice on the campus radio station for over 6 years.

While living in Tobago for a short time in 2002, he ran, owned and managed a restaurant. And it was during that time ‘Big’ John found himself offering real estate advice. When they came back to Canada he knew it was the right time to begin a bona fide real estate career. Their circle of friends included some who were into real estate investment. They encouraged him to get into the business.

In 2005, he completed Ontario Real Estate College and then joined Coldwell Banker Neumann Real Estate Brokerage in Guelph. He sees the irony in the fact that his first sale in his first month in the business was to a farmer. The irony in this was profound, since his original intent was a career in agriculture.

A successful International Award Winning Realtor is well connected in the community. His extensive community involvement laid the groundwork way before he got into the industry. He believes that his diverse experiences, affinity for people and his perspective of the city enhance his ability to sell real estate, both residential and commercial. The father of two school-age children, ‘Big’ John still plays basketball in an over 40 league, Guelph Fatman’s Basketball.

‘I see my involvement in the Real Estate Business not only as opportunity to Sell someone a House but to provide solid practical advice on Buying a Home!’ ‘As a Realtor I have an unyielding commitment to building the entire community in a positive and progressive way’. Go ‘Big’ and Go Home.